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My name is Jane Howatt. Welcome to my blog!

For 13 years I rode shotgun with John “Jigsaw” St. John, one of the LAPD‘s most celebrated detectives, as he investigated notorious murder cases.

The collision of this ordinary suburban mom and the underbelly of evil is the subject of my book, “The Killer, the Cop and Me.”

On my blog, I‘ll post about true crime, my life and what I learned from the mind of a brilliant homicide cop.

I invite you to join me for the ride!

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In The Beginning

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

2792_95814852906_809377906_2474658_5028443_nWhen I first started riding “shotgun” with John “Jigsaw” St. John, I didn’t know an Uzi from a .38 or a snitch from a sandwich. I was a Little League mom/Snack bar queen who slung  hot dogs and licorice sticks to five year olds for pennies. If someone would have told me one day I would spend an afternoon trying to get a nickel’s worth of information from a killer’s best friend or hanging out at a bar under a sign that said “Gay Cruising Area”  – notepad in hand – so I could capture the rich details I would need to write a chapter, I would have told them they were wacko.

But that’s exactly what happened.

I became the shadow assistant/best friend/confidant/sidekick to Badge Number One of the LAPD.

In my upcoming blogs, I will take you (the reader) on my journey into Dante’s Inferno tempered with my journey into the mind of a practiced hunter: Jigsaw. I will teach you, entertain you, enlighten you and tell you stories you might find impossible to believe.

Welcome to Homicide 101. No previous experience required.